immensity of universe

I just read  somewhere that we found an planet which is many time bigger then our sun.  todays scientist are really talking like kids.  you may fall down after listening their stories of universe. millions of universe. each universe has millions of galaxies. Each galaxy has millions of stars . and sun is  star of  very small category. Moreover the unit of distance is also ridiculous. If Kilometer is  very small then go for gigameter or something like that. but no they say lightyear.If you ask How far is our neighbour star?  they will say 100 lightyear. which means even if we travel at the speed of light it will take at list 100 year. means one full life just to reach there.

Likewise we have stories of  macro particles. Today even electron seems to be very big for scientist. they found particals even smaller then that like photons, or plunk. Today they are talking about gods particles.

But I have a very simple question. why so? then they dont have answer. Why electron rotates around proton and why earth rotates around sun. then no proper answer.

Who made this universe? is there something called God. then they starts bluffing. Todays Einstein i.e stefen says that there is nothing called god, everything is co incident.

While talking about creation, if your eyes are not wet. thought is not chocked, head is not down , kid like aura dont come then you lost the whole point. When a new born baby  opens her eye and smiles on seeing every object . If similar smile dont come to you then whole story is just a theory.Total waste based on maths.Why to waste each others time by talking about something where we cant even reach.  And If you have that wonder  then why to go  for rocket, or kaleidoscope. Look at this sky, this ocean,this earth,the mountains rivers, birds, flowers. If  you look with full attention then everything every place is full of wonders. Even if you dont believe in god. Lets say XYZ has made it or it got created as co incident. But Even if that you say with a wet eyes then purpose is achieved.

Even If man can create boundary around universe or tigh the electron with ropes, then also there will something beyond that boundary, that electron may contains a whole universe within it. EVen a single doubt like this will make the man in complete.

How will you go there where there is nothing? You have not taken a single step toward that grand emptiness. Just put down your efforts by accept the emtyness nothingness uselessness in you. That grand emptyness will suck you inside it by its immense triviality.


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TulasiDas on babari Masjid

If we look in wikipedia. Here is the time in which Babar and his children’s ruled.

Babur 1526 – 1530
Humayun 1530 – 1540
1555 – 1556
Akbar 1556 – 1605
Jahangir 1605 – 1627

Similarly  TulsidasJi borned in year 1511.  and died 1623. So above is list of Ruler that He witnessed.

Thus when Babar left the throne. Tulsidasji was just a 20 year Kid. He Wrote Ramayan in 1574. that is in the time of Akbar. Akbar was also giving due respect to him, like surdas,and Mira.

It is also said that TulsidasJi has to left ayodhya because of pandits of Ayodhya were against him because he decided to write Ramayan in prakrit language.

Now the question arise is why he has not mentioned anything about Ramas birthPlace. and not a single word for Babari Masjid. or demolition of Mandir.


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